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The Best of Dale Libby

Ask Dave
Dave answers frequently asked questions

Bread and Butter
Common safes and practical solutions

Bank Vaults
They're tough but you can beat them

Diary of a Safeman
Learn from an old time master

10 Years of Dave McOmie

Fire & Plate Vaults

Gun Safes
Openings made easy for you

Hinged Round Doors
Moster Safe Book
Also Available...Hinged Round Doors Volume 2


Hinged Round Doors Volume 2

Hinged Round Doors Volume 3

High Security Safes Volume 1
Photos and specs tell the tale

High Security Safes Volume 2
More, bug, tough containers opened

Lift Out Round Doors
They're commonplace...and easy

Pen Parties on DVD
Dave The Movie

Penetration Party
Line them up and open them with Dave

Safe Opening Articles 1987
Safe articles from a golden year

Safe Opening Articles
Collection of safe articles

Safe Locks
Know the lock and open the safe

Safe Opening Volume 1
The book that started a revelution

Safe Opening Volume 2
Common safes and drill points

Safe Opening Volume 5
More common safes and drill points

How to Create Master Key Systems

How to Pick Locks

How to Pick Tubular Locks

How to Re-Key Cylinders

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 6

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 6

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 7

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 1

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 2

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 3

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 4

TNL Guide to Motorcycles Volume 5

15 Minute Safe Opening
Jake shows you his speedy opening method

How to Jump Start Your Locksmith Business

Flat Rate Manual

Antique Padlocks

Modern Safe Locks
A great guide to most common locks

Foreign & Domestic Auto Service

MK Express - Master Keying Software

The Automotive Edge on CD-ROM

Auto Lock Service

Door Lock Encyclopedia

The National Locksmith Guide To Electronic Locksmithing

Lock Repair Manual

National Locksmith Automobile Association (NLAA) Membership

National Locksmith Car Book on CD

National Safemans Organization (NSO) Membership

National Safemans Organization (NSO) Membership

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The Ultimate Technitips Collection

The National Locksmith on CD Now includes 2008

The Locksmith's Study Guide for Basic Electricity

The Sieveking Auto Key Guide & Illustrated Cross Reference

2011 Fast Facts

Manipulation Home Study Course

Modern Safe Opening
Learn everything a novice needs

Picking & Impressioning

Safe Deposit Box Opening
A simple guide to open the boxes

Tubular Lock Service

Wafer Lock Reading

Advanced Wafer Lock Reading

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GM Steering Column Course (includes Update)

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