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Pen Parties on DVD
Author: Dave McOmie
Item: dm-pen-dvd  Price: $150.00  Add to cart    

The Pen Parties is Daveís new 110 minute DVD.

It shows you live action of safe opening and trouble shooting at its finest in cities all over America.

Years in the making, Dave travels to Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle and Toledo opening dozens of locked and damaged safes.

See what is inside and outside of these containers.

Our tiny cameras even take you right down the hole into the wheel pack!

Sections on trouble shooting, dial pulling, hardplate drilling, defeat methods and tools round out this amazing film.

The production is top notch.

This is not your amateur safe video.

Plus see the Blooper Reel.

Itís a scream when Safe Techs Go Wild!

Hereís a note from Dave on the concept of the movie:

We focus on techniques which are universally applicable.

For example, there is a section on Seven Defeat Methods, which cover virtually all safes using mechanical locks. In truth, in any given year, I use maybe five of the seven on all the safes that I open. That is the beauty of taking a conceptual approach to safecracking. The trick is choosing the right method for the right safe.