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How to Re-Key Cylinders
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Software available on CD only.

This software simplifies the process of re-keying various types of cylinders. You'll easily learn every step of the techniques used to change which key operates the lock. How To Re-Key Cylinders is particularly helpful for student and newer locksmiths.

Live Action Learning Software is an interactive guide on CD-ROM for your PC or Macintosh computers. This guide is loaded with informative audio, video, animation, photography and illustrations.

Move at your own pace through screens that come alive with sound and video. Don't just READ about how to do the skill. Actually SEE it done and demonstrated for you!

Each of these elements teach you in a clean and concise way how to learn a particular skill. Using Live Action Learning Software, you move at your own pace through the material which makes it perfect to help locksmith students and employees to upgrade their skills.

You can even print out a written copy of the text from this CD to use as a handy practice guide.

Windows® System Requirements: 486 or Pentium® processor-based computer (Intel Pentium or compatible processor recommended), Windows® 95, 98, or Windows® NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later, CD ROM drive, 16 MB of RAM, 12 MB of available hard-disk space for Acrobat® Reader, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card and speakers recommended.

Mac OS Requirements: Power Macintosh computer, Apple System Software version 7.6.1 or later with open transport, CD ROM drive, 16 MB of available RAM, 8 MB of available hard-disk space for Acrobat® Reader

The Live Action Learning Series can be viewed from your hard disk or from the CD. If you load it on your hard disk you will need 100 MB of available hard disk space.