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Cards and Keys
Item: wh-ck-1  Price: $149.00  Add to cart    

Cards & Keys performs two functions:

  • Key Blank number cross referencing
  • Code card production
The first section of the program features a highly comprehensive database of key-blank reference numbers from 34 different manufacturers, 70,000 keys all cross indexed. This section of the program allows you to enter a key-blank reference number from a particular manufacturer and have this instantly converted to be the reference number of the brand of key-blank you use.

This information includes:

  • Card number
  • Space and Depth measurements in Metric or Imperial
  • Code series information (where applicable)
  • Cutter number
  • Key blank number
  • Graphical representation of the key position in the jaw (allows easy positioning, and prevents mistakes)
  • Space and depth reference marks for needles.

The program comes pre-loaded with well over 700 cards, and also includes the ability to make your own cards should you require.