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Why You Need InstaCode 2014
* Compared to code books or any other code package, Instacode is a quick and easy to use program.
* As lock and key technology constantly changes, so too does InstaCode constantly evolve to provide you with the latest accurate information on; Codes, Cards, Transponders, Airbags, Car Opening techniques, ASP replacement products with most models featuring colour pictures of the ASP locks and service components.
* InstaCode has been thoughtfully designed to easily take the user through 'windows' based pages. A comprehensive search engine takes you directly to the information you require. Even if you only have limited details, the program is smart enough to find all related keys that fit your search criteria.
* A graphical layout displaying space & depth information, flat widths, angles, card number and other relevant key cutting information makes InstaCode easier to use than many alternatives.
* InstaCode includes a web update feature, which periodically checks for updates, ensuring you always have access to the very latest version and newest code series available for the forthcoming year.

InstaCode's range of search criteria * Searching by code * Manufacturer * Vehicle make, model and year * Card number * Key blank reference, key type etc

Key cutting information for... * Framon * Curtis * A1 * Ilco Universal II * HPC Blitz (1200cm) * HPC 1200 Punch

InstaCode 2014 has the ability to download to... * Bianchi 883 * Bianchi 993 * Bianchi 994 * Keyline 884 Decryptor ultegra * Keyline Dezmo * Keyline Versa * Silca's Unocode Version I, II, 299 and 399's * Silca's QuattroCode * Silca's Triax (Optional Extra) * Ilco UltraCode * ITL 9000 and 950 * HPC's Codemax * Ilco Orion ECM 200 * JMA ProCode
This version of InstaCode available in North America only.

The Base InstaCode 2014 Program includes:

  • Access to over 4 billion key codes
  • Access to over 8000 code series
  • Access to key blank cross-references, includes 36 Key Blank manufacturers and over 80,000 references
  • Support for the widest range of key cutting machines; both electronic and manual
  • Pictures of key blanks and key blank profiles
  • Standard hierarchical master key system; from single master key + few change keys to larger systems
  • Access to key cutting and cylinder pinning chart printouts
  • Comprehensive selection of all leading lock card manufacturer's inline pin tumbler specifications
  • The ability to select a custom created InstaCode depth and space card
  • Vehicle opening instructions
  • Transponder programming instructions
  • Complete ASP catalogue featuring color picture
  • Remote programming instructions
  • Airbag safety instructions
  • Lock wafer positions
  • Print transponder, opening, remote programming instructions, wafer locations
  • Software is continually updated until your subscription ends
  • Much more
  • Hundreds of illustrated car openings
  • Vehicle notes on over 1,000 cars with wafer and code locations, airbag data, VATS systems, keyless entry data, and more.
  • Transponder information and programming procedures on 630 cars, common errors, troubleshooting, on-board programming, and more
  • Programming information for leading transponder diagnostic devices
  • The entire ASP parts catalog, make/model/year look-up, includes labor times and photos.
  • Assists you to efficiently generate the first key
  • Easy to use wizard helps you design the system
  • Create a single level or grand master system
  • Make systems for 4, 5, 6, or 7 pin
  • Store name or description for each key
  • Generate reports for key cutting and pinning charts
  • Download bittings from InstaCode to your electronic key machine
  • Save your master key system for future use.

InstaCode One Year Unlimited Package
Item: wh-code-1yrm  Price: $199.00  Add to cart    

Runs every module and feature for a full year on one computer.
Renewable for same price.
This version of InstaCode available in North America only.

InstaCode One Year Unlimited Package Additional User
Item: wh-code-1yr-au  Price: $50.00  Add to cart    

Additional license for InstaCode Unlimited Package. Additional license will renew on same date as main One Year Package. *MUST ALREADY SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PLAN TO PURCHASE THIS ADDITIONAL LICENSE*
This version of InstaCode available in North America only.