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Key Companion
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"What is that key-blank?"

How often have you wasted time trying to work out a comparison from an old or obsolete key-blank? With Key Companion, you can chase up key comparisons in a snap! And also you can just identify a key if you are not sure, as a visual, then Key Companion will make the comparison for you against that selection.

This easy to use program has been designed for any key cutting operation, and allows you to compare key-blank reference numbers from 34 manufacturers in a matter of seconds.

It's ideal for locksmiths, key cutters, hardware stores and shoe repairers. It's economical, easy to install and works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Best of all, the program includes not only 70,000 key-blank cross references, but a picture of the blank and profiles as well so you can make sure your search has produced the correct result!