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Key Manager 5

ProMaster Key Manager software allows you to fully control key issue and return to staff and key holders. The importance and security significance of this task is often overlooked in many organizations, who despite having complex and expensive master key systems, have poor record keeping of who has which keys.

The program is ideal for use by:

  • Schools
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Local Councils
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Clubs
  • Utility Companies (such as power, water, gas, phone companies
  • etc.


  • Easily manage key issues and returns
  • Control overdue keys
  • Print detailed reports of the who, what, where and when of keys, doors and key-holders
  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Multi-user
  • Full history reporting
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions
  • Unlimited master-key system size
  • Locksmith supported systems
  • Stand alone systems

Designed both as a complimentary product for ProMaster and also as a stand alone product, it is a premium quality program, developed in accordance with industry standards and requirements for this type of software. It features the latest in programming and development technology which provides ease of use and program reliability and stability. ProMaster Key Manager solves this problem by providing a comprehensive key management mechanism for all keys within the organization - both those that belong to a master key system and those that are separate such as vehicle keys.

The other unique feature with the ProMaster Key Manager is that is allows for management of multiple systems, and even multiple sites from the one location. Better still, it allows the locksmith to 'export' all relevant system details from ProMaster into the ProMaster Key Manager, thereby providing a highly professional service which is extremely convenient for the client.

Whether the master key system or systems are imported from a locksmith or entered into the program directly, the database in the program records all relevant system details including keys, doors, key-to-door assignments (which keys open which doors), signatories, key holders, system address details and more. The highly innovative database links these core pieces of information together in such a way that once set up, the process of managing the keys is extremely simple.

The cross-referencing function in the database allows the program to produce highly detailed reports listing who has what keys, and which areas of the building that person could access with those keys. This is a critical element of security audit reporting, and one which ProMaster Key Manager tackles with absolute ease.

The day-to-day operation of the program centers on the issuing and returning of keys to staff members and temporary persons such as maintenance contractors, builders, cleaners and so on who may need keys to your premises temporarily. The program allows you to make key issues on a permanent or timed basis, and will warn you automatically as soon as any unreturned keys are overdue. This process has been greatly simplified, and allows you to select keys and key holders from a drop-down menu, which also shows key issue numbers (allowing you to securely track individual keys, and not just multiple keys of the same number), and issue them to employees using a unique pop-up system. The employees can be classified into groups for simplicity of reporting. The program includes a feature to print out a "Key Issue Responsibility Acceptance" form for use by the new key holder. The idea is to obtain this persons signature on this document to provide a record of key issue acceptance. This makes the chance of this person saying "I was never issued with that key. . . . " a thing of the past, and for organizations wishing to implement a totally 'foolproof' mechanism for management of keys this is an important and useful feature. The program also allows you to customize the text on this report to suit your needs.

When keys are returned, the process is similar, and the relevant key and issue record is simply selected from a list and the return process is complete. Highly detailed reports are another great feature of this program, and these make security audits and key reconciliation's a simple process. The report printing function in the program can be configured with many options to suit the type of report you require, allowing you to print out as much or as little detail as you need. This saves paper where necessary, or provides maximum detail when this is required.

The program also supports a wide range of internal security features such as a multi-user capability with password control. The program's own internal security module allows you (as the 'administrator' within the program) to create user names and passwords for other users of the program, and to grant or deny them access to certain features in the program, further providing for a completely secure key management system in organizations where a number of different persons may be involved in the task of security/key management. The program can also be installed on networks, and even supports multi-user simultaneous access to the database. It is also possible to set up a 'training' database so that your staff can become familiar with the program in a 'test' environment, thus eliminating the risk of accidental data deletion during staff training. The program is supplied on CD, and includes highly comprehensive instructions, which will allow almost anyone to become totally familiar with the program in only a few hours.

Attention Version 4 Users: What's New In ProMaster Key Manager Version 5?

  • Changes To The User Interface
    • Windows XP Themes Supported
      Windows XP users will love the integration of Windows XP themes into ProMaster Key Manager 5.
    • Larger Buttons
      Gone are the small buttons. ProMaster Key Manager 5 has larger, easier to read, easier to find buttons for the most common tasks.
    • System Details On Each Window
      Each window (where applicable) now shows you the System Number and Site Description so there's no confusion about which system you are working on.

  • Backing Up Your Data
    • Easily Backup Your Data
      With the new backup program, making a backup of your ProMaster Key Manager 5 database is as simple as it gets. Backups may also be zipped automatically so they use less storage. Remember, in order to protect against a failure of the hard drive in your computer, you should burn the backup to CD or other permanent media.
    • Reoccurring Backups For Reoccurring Protection
      For protection of your data without having to remember, configure ProMaster Key Manager 5 for Auto Backup. We recommend you configure your Windows Schedule Software for at minimum weekly backups.

  • Simpler Integrated Upgrade
    • The database upgrade, previously a stand-alone program, is now accessed from the ProMaster Key Manager 5 Tools menu. The tasks of upgrading the database and loading the program into the database are now performed at the same time. When you upgrade your ProMaster Key Manager 4 database to ProMaster Key Manager 5 you'll see the new integrated database upgrade in action.

  • Data Entry Changes
    • Drill Down
      From many places you can now "Drill Down" to see related data, so you no longer need to leave what you are doing to get more information.
    • Key And Door Sorting
      When you are sorting keys or doors, you can now right click on the list to get a menu. The menu also shows you the keyboard shortcuts for increased efficiency. Doors can be sorted by stamping now.
    • Removing Uppercase Entries
      You know how sometimes it's too much effort to type in mixed case, or perhaps you left the caps lock on by mistake. It doesn't look good, it's hard to read, and it takes too much space on printouts. Now ProMaster 5 will automatically convert entries that are in upper case to title case. If the entry you type has any lower case letters then ProMaster Key Manager will leave it alone. New application parameters have been added to turn this behaviour off if you really want to keep entries in upper case.
    • Bulk Change Keys And Doors
      New options have been added to key and door bulk change to allow changing of the case of descriptions and areas.
    • Door Area Selection From Drop Down List
      When you are adding or editing doors, we've added a drop down list to select a door area that has already been used. Or if you want a new area, simply type it in as you're used to doing.

  • Changes To Orders
    • Finding Orders
      Finding orders is easier with the addition of a Date Range search and also the ability to specify a particular key on the order.
    • Examining Signatories On Restricted Systems
      On systems with restricted signatory authorities, you can examine the authorized signatories for each key as you place the order. If there are insufficient signatories for an order you can quickly see who needs to authorize the order.
    • Signatories
      On systems that are restricted by signatory, you now have the ability to examine which keys each signatory may order, and which signatories may order each key.
    • Quantity On Hand
      As you order keys you can see the quantity of each key that has already been produced.

  • Key Bunches
    • Managing Key Bunches
      Managing key bunches is easier now you can examine the access for each key in the bunch as well as the whole bunch.
    • Broken Keys In A Bunch
      Facility has been added to break and replace a key in bunch without first returning it to the key cabinet and removing the broken key from the bunch.

  • Key Holders
    • Finding And Adding Key Holders
      Finding key holders is enhanced by providing new search criteria on Key Holder Category and Area. When Key Holders are added, a check is performed to ensure that the same key holder is not added a second time in error. When adding a Key Holder, there is the facility to copy the company details from another Key Holder, and the Area is offered as a drop down list for you to choose from.
    • Purging Key Holders
      An administrative option has been added to purge inactive key holders.

  • Issuing And Returning Keys
    • Defaults For Return By Time
      Each Key Holder Category may have a Return By Time defined which is automatically offered when issuing keys.
    • Defaults For Printing And Emailing
      Instead of being asked each time if you want to print a confirmation form for the Key Holder, the default is now defined by an application parameter. Similarly there is a default setting for the new ability to email a key issue confirmation to the Key Holder.

  • Reporting Changes
    • New Report - Compromised Doors
      This report looks at the lost keys to produce a list of all doors that can be opened by a lost key, and shows the number of lost keys that operate each door.
    • New Report - Lost Key Reporting Form
      This report produces a form for a Key Holder to complete when they have lost keys.
    • New Report - Key Order History
      This report produces a form for a Key Holder to complete when they have lost keys.
    • New Report - Key Issue Activity
      This report tells you what has been going on with key issues and returns. It shows each time a key has been issued or returned in the selected period.
    • New Report - Key Quantity By Status
      The report shows, for each key, the number of issues on hook, issued, lost and broken.
    • New Report - Orders By Status
      This report shows each order and its status.
    • Key Holders Report
      New criteria to allow you to answer the question: "Who has access to the system?"
    • Lost And Broken Keys Report
      You may now print lost and broken keys for a single system.
    • Keys Report
      It is now much easier to select multiple keys to report on.
    • Doors Report
      You may now include the door stamping on this report.
    • Keying Matrix Report
      The Keying Matrix has been enhanced to print to PDF format so it may be emailed. You now have the option to include Door Areas on this report. This version of Key Manager 5 Available in North America Only.

Key Manager (Additional Users)
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Key Manager (Multi-User Version w/3 User Licenses)
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